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The Juan Garcia Farmworker Scholarship assists students of the Central Valley who are farmworkers or children of farmworkers and who demonstrate, by hard work and academic achievement, a desire to better their lives by pursuing higher education. 


2019 Reedley HS Awards.jpg

Reedley high school

Odalis Banda

Nancy Cisneros

Angelica Cruz

Esveidy Ferreyra

Jose L. Ferreyra

Victor Ferreyra

Martha Godinez

Melissa Gomez

Carmen Hernandez

Daniela Lemus

Tania Garcia Lemus

Claudia Macias

Edith Martinez

Eduardo Martinez

Antonio Sandoval

2019 Madera HS Awards.jpg

madera high school

Leisha Aguirre

Yesenia Alcantara-Arias

Aleida Flores-Alonso

Karina Leon

Lizeth Martinez

Eileen Mejia

Maria Melgoza

Monica Nunez-Diaz

Maria Pimentel

Nancy Ramos

Liliana Rodriguez

Litzy Rodriguez

Rosa Maria Rodriguez

Araceli Salgado-Guzman

Antonio Sanchez-Ortiz

Joanna Vega

Beatriz Velasco-Hernandez


orange cove high school

Beatriz Garcia

Jennifer Hernandez

Ashley Herrera-Velasco

Kaylee Lopez

Itzel Martinez

Jacquelin Monroy

Evelyn Morales

Janeyra Quinteros

Jose I. Rodriguez

Gabriela Solorzano

Carla Zavala

select reflections from our 2019 graduates

Joanna Vega.jpg

Joanna Vega


“Without knowing it, the day of my mother’s surgery became a marking point in my life. My mother’s surgery instigated an academic barrier in maintaining a 4.0 and triggered a financial crisis. I then became a leading financial provider by working extra hours in agriculture, picking berries and trimming trees. Apart from working in farm labor, I had to take up a majority of the household chores and cook meals on a daily basis to help relieve some stress off my mother’s shoulders. I was able to maintain a 4.0 GPA, even though I struggled to complete assignments because English is not my first language, and it is not even my second language. I can now speak Mixteco, Spanish, and English. Even though I am one of nine children, my parents always made sure to give each one of us their attention and love. I would often reassure my younger siblings that with the passion of Latina blood coursing through our veins we can get through anything.”

Joanna is pursuing a career in high school counseling at CSU, Fresno.

Janeyra Quinteros.jpg

Janeyra Quinteros


“For as long as I can remember, field work has always been a huge part of my life. I remember seeing how exhausted my parents looked after their long, hard day in the fields. As I reached 12 years old, I started working in the fields with my parents. I was very young but old enough to help out financially. At that time my parents were picking oranges and I had to learn quickly how to cut the oranges and how to empty my sack. A sack is 40 pounds, so I sweat a lot and go home very tired. I worked during weekends, holidays, and other days I didn’t have school. To this very day I work in the fields with my parents. The fields are my daily reminder as to why I have to do my very best in school. My dream is to attend a university and major in Psychology and later pursue my Master’s degree. I want to make my parents proud and serve as an inspiration to my siblings.”

Janeyra earned a 3.86 GPA and will major in Pyschology.

Melissa Gomez.jpg

Melissa Gomez


“The only thing harder than living with parents who are farm workers, is living with parents who are undocumented immigrants that constantly live their lives in fear. Growing up in a farm worker family is a very difficult thing, with constant struggles and pain. Growing up I hardly saw my parents and when I did they were always too tired to play with me. When I got older, I realized the sad truth about this world. Seeing my father’s hands always dirty and filled with cuts and seeing the blisters on my mother’s tired feet, made me realize the sacrifices they made for me. As a first generation college student, I want to be the reason to make their sacrifices worthwhile. I have and will always strive for greatness and will work harder every time.”

Melissa earned a 4.0 GPA and will major in Biology.