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The Juan Garcia Farmworker Scholarship assists students of the Central Valley who are farmworkers or children of farmworkers and who demonstrate, by hard work and academic achievement, a desire to better their lives by pursuing higher education. 



MONICA GARCIA  Monica’s parents are farmworkers who work hard every day, but want a different and better life for their children. Monica’ priority is her education where she has excelled in academics, sports, and extracurricular activities, in all she has demonstrated strong leadership skills.  She is eager to start at the University of California, Davis where she will major in Science and minor in Kinesiology and Theology. Her career goal is to be a high school science teacher because she says, “There was no other class I enjoyed more than biology. The impact that teachers have had on me has made me want to change a person’s life.”  She looks forward to hearing her future students say one day about her, “Wow, that teacher really made a difference in my life.”


CRYSTAL LEAL  Just like all the other scholarship recipients, Crystal has seen her parents toil in the fields in order to provide for their family. Her parents continually encouraged and motivated her to do well in school. In high school she ranked at the top of her class with a 4.042 grade point average. In the fall she will be attending University of California, Irvine where she will major in Biology. She is very determined to become a physician assistant. She said, “I know it is not going to be easy, but I want to pursue my dream of having a better life than my parents and help them one day like they have all these years through hard work. I am proud to have been the child of farmworkers because they taught me to appreciate and take advantage of my education.”


KATHERINE RAMIREZ  Katherine has worked very hard in her classes and in extracurricular activities where she exhibited strong leadership skills. In various leadership positions she has contributed a lot to various clubs and organizations in high school, as well as in her community. Her strong work ethic comes from witnessing her parents toil in the fields in order to support their family.  In the fall she will be attending University of California, Davis where she will be majoring in History.  She stated, “Obstacles come in a variety of forms, socio-economic background, our environment, family situations, and so on, but the biggest challenge we face is ourselves. Now that I have overcome my own inhibitions, I feel confident that I can tackle anything else that comes my way.” UPDATE: In 2018, Katherine graduated from UCLA with a major in Biology.


EMILY RODRIGUEZ  Throughout high school Emily has been involved in many extracurricular activities including various sports and clubs. She has also given back to her community by volunteering in a convalescent home and in church clubs. Her inspiration to do well in school and her community comes from her parents who always said that education comes first. Emily will be attending California State University, Stanislaus where she will major in Sociology. She wrote, “My lifelong dream has been to become an inspiration for all ages. I want to be able to give back to the people who have supported me. I’m interested in Sociology because it enables me to help my community.”


VANESSA TAPIA  Vanessa dreams of becoming the first child in her family to graduate from college. Her family emigrated from Mexico, and for the past seventeen years her family has worked as farm laborers. Growing up she has seen her parents wake up at 4:00 am to get ready to toil in the fields from sunrise to sunset. Her parents are her number one inspiration to go to college and get a good job. In the future she wants to give back to them so that they do not have to work so hard in the fields. In the fall she will be attending California State University, Los Angeles where she will major in Biology. Her career goal is to become a medical doctor so she can help her parents and give back to her community. She stated, “I dream of helping people feel better.”


ALEJANDRO VASQUEZ  Alejandro, like all the other recipients, honors and appreciates his parents for the hard work they do every day as farmworkers to support their family. And, like the other students, he will be the first in the family to attend college.  His motivation to succeed in college comes from his parents because of their sacrifice and also as the oldest of four children he wants to be a positive role model for his siblings. His compassion for others and patience led him to working with special needs children in sporting events. In the fall Alejandro will be attending Reedley College and will transfer either to California State University, Fresno or University of California, Berkeley. His ultimate goal is to pursue a Master’s Degree and to help other students with financial scholarships.